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The professional choice for your hot mix asphalt paving needs

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Oium Blacktop Is Proudly The Leader Of Sealcoating And Asphalt Maintenance In The Midwest!

Sealcoating Benefits

  • The entire Oium Blacktop team is thoroughly trained and insured.

  • We take pride in our workmanship and pay great attention to detail.

  • We thoroughly pre-clean pavement surfaces prior to applying the sealcoat.

  • We use only the finest commercial grade applications.

  • We continuously upgrade and maintain our equipment to provide the best and fastest service.

With 15 years of experience under our belt, we're the ideal choice for you!

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1. Save Money – Sealcoating is an option that is more cost effective than most other pavement maintenance options. A small budget (pennies per square foot) will protect your driveway, parking lot, etc. from the harsh

elements that lead to the weathering of your asphalt.

2. Prolongs – You can prolong the life of your asphalt with routine maintenance including sealcoating and proper crack sealing.

3. Protects – The sun damages asphalt at alarming rates by oxidation (drying out your asphalts essential oils and binders causing cracks and brittle asphalt). Sealcoating simply protects your investment.

4. Prevents – Water is yet another foe to asphalt as it crumbles the base by penetrating through cracks and pores.  Weather-proofing agents in our sealcoating product repel water and prevent possible failures.

5. Looks Great – The appearance of you residence or business driveway or parking lot will look great and professional with the rich, black sealcoat.

Oium Blacktop - Logo

The professional choice for your hot mix asphalt paving needs

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